My Son’s Fascination with Ancient Egypt!

Pharaoh and Slave

Drawing of Pharaoh and Slave by Thomas

My oldest son is nearly eight years old. He’s not massively sporty despite my best efforts to get him playing the ‘beautiful game’. Despite being a reasonably intelligent little fellow he’s no Brain of Britain! These are all traits, for better or worse, that he shares with his father. One interest we do share is a love of history. In fact, he is planning a history themed birthday cake for his eighth birthday which will feature 4 of his favourite periods in history; prehistoric, Roman, ancient Egypt and Victorian London.

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone in the British Museum

Ancient Egypt is his current topic at school and the inspiration for my blog. He’s in love with anything ancient Egypt related at the minute and is reading any book he can get his hands on and watching numerous YouTube videos.  What’s so fascinating about ancient Egypt? Well you could consider the fact that their civilisation lasted 3,000 years! In fact, in Roman and Greek times many of the Egyptian monuments were considered ancient!

What about the Pyramids? Isn’t that what everyone thinks of when they think of the ancient Egyptians? The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of all the ancient Seven Wonders of the World and the only one still standing. The great pyramid contains about 2.3 million stone blocks and it is thought to weigh nearly 6 million tonnes! It was once thought thousands of slaves were used to build the pyramid but excavations of nearby worker camps suggest that thousands of skilled workers were employed to build the pyramid.

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